DeFi Operating System for Seamless On-Chain Fund Creation

Velvet DAO is created to democratize asset management by building Velvet.Capital - a Cross-Chain Operating System that helps create diversified DeFi products on-chain. Integrations with all major DeFi primitives allow anyone to launch & manage tokenized funds, portfolios, yield farming strategies and other structured products.
“DeFi-as-a-Service” for:
  • Asset Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Banks
  • Fintechs
  • Family Offices
  • DAOs
  • Traders
  • Influencers
  • Investment communities
So that they can easily:
  • Launch a tokenized fund, strategy or any other structured product
  • Access superior on-chain trade execution & smart routing
  • Increase capital efficiency with vetted yield farming integrations
  • Easily monitor & integrate DeFi products into their systems
  • Have a choice over the custody (or non-custody) of their assets
  • Access the whole universe of crypto assets not limited by a single chain