Supply & Emission Schedule

Total Supply

The total supply is capped at 1,000,000,000 $VLVT tokens, and the emission mechanism is designed to make sure it won't reach this cap for the next 10 years or longer. There will be no emissions above the cap.

Emission Schedule

The emission schedule controls that the token circulating supply growth doesn't outpace the usage growth as the end goal is to reach a self-sustainable protocol state

a. Initial Circulation: 2-7%

i. ~1-2% - retroactive airdrop

ii. ~1-5% - initial AMM pools and CEX market makers or Launchpad

b. Monthly Release: ~1.3%

i. ~0.5% - staking rewards

ii. ~0.1% - contributor rewards/grants

iii. ~0.1% - marketing

iv. ~0.27% - team vesting

v. ~0.33% - investor vesting

c. Monthly Withholding:

i. Protocol fees

ii. $VLVT to veVLVT lock-ups

Disclaimer: This is a preliminary version of the release schedule, which can be affected by multiple factors such as the token launch avenue (e.g., Launchpad requirements), and number of exchanges & pairs.

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