Features & Benefits

Omni-Chain Portfolio Management

Velvet is the first DeFi protocol that provides omni-chain asset management capabilities, so that portfolio managers are not constrained within a single chain and can execute complex strategies across multiple ecosystems.

Superior On-Chain Trade Execution

Velvet's priority is to provide the best trade execution via integrations with all major on-chain liquidity providers, including leading AMMs and aggregators as well as partnerships with top market participants to incentivize additional "just in time" liquidity for larger trades.

Automated Tokenization

Every fund or strategy is deployed on-chain with a series of smart contracts and can be automatically tokenized: the fund managers and their clients can create (mint) or redeem (burn) tokens representing it, and the tokens are always fully-backed by the underlying assets.

Flexible Custody Options

Velvet provides flexibility for custody of the underlying assets: non-custodial smart contract vaults (default), multi-sig vaults, MPCs or any other option depending on the regulatory requirements, client needs or internal policies.

Smart Yield Farming

Integrations with other leading DeFi protocols help earn additional yield from lending, staking, or providing liquidity. Our architecture allows for automated yield harvesting, optimizing, and autocompounding of rewards.

Permissioning Capabilities

We offer optional functionality to whitelist wallets able to access the strategy (e.g., allow only clients who went through KYC/KYB), restrict transfers and limit the assets and protocols permitted to be used.

Smart Batching

Velvet's smart batching calculates the optimal route for executing portfolio transactions and batches them into one transaction, enabling seamless portfolio management with a single click when otherwise it might involve 10s or 100s of transactions.

Seamless Integration

Anyone can write and execute algorithmic strategies using Velvet protocol with an easy-to-use API that enables creating and automating strategies with familiar tools, directly triggering on-chain execution.

Reporting & White-label Portal

Since the funds are managed completely on-chain in a secure and transparent way Velvet offers an easy way to generate any type of reporting as per user needs. We also offer a white-label client portal that will allow users to access their portfolio data in real-time.