Intent Operating System for DeFi

Velvet.Capital is an Intent Operating System for DeFi that helps manage your onchain portfolio or launch new DeFi products.

Bringing together the latest research & development in intent-based architecture & account abstraction, Velvet.Capital is working with traders & portfolio managers to remove barriers for DeFi adoption.

Superior Intent-based Trade Execution

Velvetโ€™s intent-based architecture and integrations with major aggregators, solvers & market makers enable smart routing across on-chain sources (AMMs and DEXes) as well as other OTC-style venues to ensure the best execution & MEV protection.

Seamless Intent-based Yield Farming

One-click allocation into DeFi pools to earn additional yield from lending, staking, or providing liquidity batches all necessary actions (e.g., trading, token approval, staking, minting) together so that you can seamlessly go from any token/pool to any token/pool (or rebalance the whole portfolio in one click).

API Layer for Strategy Automation

An API layer with end-point structure similar to well-known CEXes helps seamlessly use existing trading algorithms or create new ones automating on-chain interactions.

Native Account Abstraction

Every vault is deployed on-chain with its own series of smart contracts and access controls: users can deposit to / withdraw from the vault by minting/burning LP tokens, and vault managers can execute their strategies without having custody over the underlying assets. While every vault is non-custodial by default, the protocol architecture also allows to set up multi-sig vaults (and MPCs in the future versions) for large clients separating custody from asset management functionality (reach out to the team to learn more).

Permissioning Capabilities

Functionality to whitelist wallets able to access the vault (e.g., allow only clients who went through KYC/KYB), restrict transfers and limit permitted assets and protocols. Thereโ€™s a separate admin role which can be used to manage these processes without access to trading.

Omni-Chain Asset Management

Velvet is the first DeFi protocol aimed to provide omni-chain asset management capabilities, so that vault managers are not constrained within a single chain and can execute complex strategies across multiple ecosystems (will be introduced in future versions).

Derivative Strategies

Velvet is partnering with on-chain derivative protocols & borrowing functionality to broaden the asset management toolkit on Velvet and allow to run delta-neutral strategies (coming in the future versions).

Access to Real-World Assets

Velvet's flexible architecture & permissioning capabilities make the protocol suitable for real-world assets tokenization, and the first RWA product on Velvet is currently in private beta (reach out to the team to join the pilot).

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